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小学英语读音归类 元音音素(结合3A至6B教材上出现的单词给出) 1、[ i:] 3A:he see ice- cream me peach she tea zebra 3B:eighteen key skiing three we 4A:be evening fifteen green nineteen please read seventeen 4B:eat free kilo meat policeman policewoman sweet teacher these tree T-shirt TV 5A:each Halloween magazine need reading-room ski street sweep teach 5B:bee Chinese E-mail feel fever Japanese knee PE sleep speak week weekend 6A:beach Easter keep keeper mean people police seat teapot 2、[ i ] 3A:this basket big coffee elephant jacket milk Miss running 3B:basketball guitar hungry sandwich shopping violin 4A:cinema copy copybook drink eleven evening excuse happy his ill in lovely ninety pretty puppet rabbit six sorry 4B:anything biscuit chopsticks dinner give hospital funny minibus music office party picture taxi which window 5A:animal any behind building chicken children family hill him kitchen live only pumpkin ring sing sit study swing telephone telescope thing think tin with 5B:America American beautiful beautifully begin British busy city country different English every body hobby insect interesting Internet lovely quick quiety really ship still trick usually very visitor 6A:Aladdin before beside Christmas December delicious diary did early excited exciting favorite February mirror pick point public quickly relative suddenly volleyball 3、[ e ] 3A:pen bed desk egg hello pen pencil red zebra 3B:bedroom belt bread help member vest 4A:breakfast eleven seven seventeen seventy sweater tell twelve twenty umbrella yellow anything friend head them 5A:chess else lesson table-tennis telephone telescope tent together 5B:America American collect every everybody exercise forget French get headache insect internet left many neck ready rest special spend tell then very weekend well jet 6A:better December February festival relative remember September twelfth went when 4、[ æ ] 3A:and apple black can cat dad fat hamburger man mango tap 3B:bag camera cap grandfather hat have sandwich stapler 4A:at fan grandma happy jacket panda rabbit thank that 4B:blackboard map snack-bar taxi 5A:animal back blanket family grandpa lamp lantern magazine Maths Saturday stand 5B:ant backache bad carry catch dragonfly Japan Japanese stamp 6A:Aladdin as calculator camp candle carrot had January sat 5、[ ʌ ] 3A:cup brother bus but color monkey mother mum rubber some 3B:come much hungry love lunch one plus run running son study 4A:worry funny glove lovely hundred puppet puzzle umbrella 4B:cupboard hurry minibus something sometimes 5A:duck jump pumpkin sun Sunday under us 5B:brush butterfly club country Monday other stomachache subject touch uncle up 6A:cousin fun front just must public running race Suddenly sunny wonderful countryside number summer 6、[ a: ] 4A:glass afternoon ah are bookmark can’t car card class classroom father grandma scarf 4B:carton banana farmer grandfather park party smart bar supermarket 5A:ahh after art bathroom dance garden grandpa large laugh mask star start vase 5B:arm aunt cartoon cicada classmate fast France half past 6A:Aladdin answer ask farm glasses grass last March 6B:far part 7、[ ɔ:] 4A:all ball draw for forty four fourteen morning short shorts small water your 4B:disport basketball blackboard cupboard fork  or  watermelon 5A:door floor horse walk wall 5B:call more New York course order quarter sport talk 6A:also always August before walkman doorbell fourth saw skateboard yours 6B: autumn because warm 8、[ ɔ ] 4A:copy copybook dog doll hot got box long not on orange shop socks soft sorry storybook watch bottle what 4B:chocolate chopsticks coffee doctor hospital job o’clock office songbook wart wrong 5A:follow model of pot song tin-opener tomorrow wash 5B:cough everybody from shopping grasshopper hobby often stop story strong 6A:costume holiday off nobody October popular teapot volleyball wallet was 6B:along opera bookshop concert crossing foggy jog problem project wanted 9、[ u ] 3A:book bookcase good goodbye look woman woof 3B:cook copybook football storybook would 4A:bookmark notebook 4B:policewoman songbook 5A:picture-book 6A:should 6B:bookshop 10、[ u: ] 4A:afternoon balloon blue room do to school too ruler shoe two whose move noodles spoon who fruit 5A:food moon 5B:cartoon group soon tooth too 6A:June July zoo 6B:cool glue true 11、[ə:] 3A:bird er girl hamburger her shirt skirt T-shirt 3B:circle thirsty thirteen thirty 4A:purse word 4B:nurse sir worker 5A:first housework learn term work world surf Thursday turn 6A:birthday hers third were weren’t 6B:further 12、[ ə ] 3A:a an banana brother can cinema colour elephant father hamburger hello London mother of open panda pencil sharpener rubber ruler sister sofa supermarket sweater the tiger walkman watermelon woman zebra 3B:accordion camera chocolate computer crayon daughter family grandfather grandmother member minus o’clock stapler violin trousers 4A:afternoon again balloon breakfast computer-room hundred perhaps shall tired umbrella water 4B:about China cupboard dinner doctor driver farmer library picture policeman policewoman teacher theatre today waiter waitress worker 5A:after children diamond forget grandparents lantern magazine newspaper parent picture book Saturday tin-opener together toilet tomorrow towel under 5B:absent America American better butterfly carefully collect different dragonfly England exercise fever finger firefly grasshopper interesting Internet Japan Japanese number order other primary school quarter quietly science shoulder stomach ache visitor 6A:ago Aladdin answer April as August away calculator carrot Christmas danger December delicious Easter favorite hairdryer Mid-Autumn mirror moment mountain National Day nobody November October quiet relative remember second September Suddenly wonderful litter around 6B:address Africa along Beijing opera centimetre kilometre letter machine number player theatre weather winter yesterday 13、[ ei ] 3B:baseball radio stapler 4A:cake again crayon eight eighteen eighty hey day late say may pencil-case tape they 4B:bookcase grape great name plane plate playground station table train waiter waitress 5A:table-tennis play make skate change newspaper game shape paper 5B:age Australia backache brave classmate earache e-mail face headache same stay take toothache 6A:stomachache always danger away cage date April May wait race taste favourite calculator skateboard rain rainy 14、[ ai ] 4A:bike bye five night goodbye by hi like kite lion my nice nine nineteen ninety tiger time tired try why write 4B:bright buy China climb driver eye idea ice-cream knife library pie pineapple rice right sometimes white 5A:slide behind dinging-room ride find cry site fly diamond triangle 5B:butterfly Chinese dragonfly exercise fight firefly Friday high housewife lie line minus primary quietly science 6A:sign quiet fine July excited beside mobile exciting diary mine hairdryer child countryside 15、[ ɔi ] 3B:boy toy 5A:join toilet 5B:coin 6A:noise point 16、[ əu ] 3A:coat mango 3B:radio rowing 4A:close cold open home go hello know no notebook oh OK over photo so yellow 4B:bowl old kilo both piano those window 5A:telephone sofa follow Halloween tomorrow clothes yo-yo show tin-opener stove telescope homework only 5B:glow goldfish grow hope social toe 6A:smoke note October November blow moment ago mobile phone earphone comb roll also boat nobody 6B:slow low post problem snow snowy snowball postcard envelope 17、[ju:] student use you excuse supermarket juice music usually Tuesday beautiful January popular museum costume 18、[ au ] 3A:blouse miaow 3B:sound trousers 4A:brown how now down 4B:about mouth our ground wow 5A:house flower mouse housework towel around house wife loudly town 6A:ours out cow mountain 6B:shout cloudy 19、[ iə ] here idea dear ear near year hear reallyearphone theatre 20、[εə ] chair hair pear where bear pair there their airport hairdryer 21、[ uə ] sure 辅音音素(结合3A至4B教材上的单词给出) 1、[ p ] 3A:pen cup apple open panda park peach pear pencil plane pineapple please pretty supermarket tap 3B:cap computer copybook help play piano shopping stapler tape 4A:pair copy happy perhaps puppet purse puzzle shop 4B:airport chopsticks grape hospital map party policeman playground plate picture spoon 2、[ b ] 3A:bad banana basket bed big bike bird black blouse blue book bookcase box boy brother brown bus but by hamburger rubber table zebra 3B:bag bar baseball basketball bathroom bedroom belt member 4A:balloon bear bookmark breakfast rabbit umbrella 4B:about ball biscuit blackboard bowl bright buy cupboard library 3、[ t ] 3A:basket but coat elephant great jacket light meet not pretty shirt short sister smart supermarket sweater table tall tap tea telephone ten tiger too two watermelon what white 3B:belt carton daughter eight eighteen fifteen football fourteen guitar hat seventeen skating sixteen soft stapler tie time toy train twelve vest 4A:afternoon at bottle computer fifty forty late kite notebook seventy sixty tired 4B:about airport biscuit chopsticks hospital plate sometimes station student sweet teacher waiter want 4、[ d ] 3A:bed bird dad desk dog door good goodbye red 3B:accordion bread dining-room find 4A:cold doll read stand tired word 4B:blackboard dinner head noodles playground today 5、[ k ] 3A:basket bike black book bookcase cake desk jacket milk monkey park supermarket 3B:basketball clock cook kitchen like skiing skating sock think 4A:bookmark drink kite chopsticks fork kilo snack 6、[ g ] 3A:big dog egg English girl glass go good goodbye great green goodbye great green guess hamburger mango tiger 3B:guitar jog bag 4A:again give glove grandma 4B:grandfather grandmother grape playground 7、[ m ] 3A:am cinema from morning hamburger home ice-cream man mango meet milk Miss monkey mother Mr Mrs mum my name small smart some supermarket watermelon woman walkman 3B:bathroom bedroom camera dining-room family grandmother minus member swim time 4A:classroom grandma me may umbrella 4B:climb come computer farmer map minibus mouth move music policeman policewoman sometimes them 8、[ n ] 3A:fine green man telephone open orange can brown name new nice nine no not now elephant panda pen pencil plane ten thin watermelon woman Chinese 3B:accordion aunt carton crayon eighteen fourteen fifteen find grandmother nineteen seven seventeen run sixteen son sound thirteen train twenty violin 4A:afternoon again balloon clean evening fan funny grandma hundred jeans lion notebook stand 4B:anything china down listen minibus near noodles nose nurse policeman snack station spoon student then want 9、[ ŋ ] 3A:English morning mango long thank 3B:climbing dining-room fishing hungry jogging running skiing skating sitting-room shopping wrong 4A:drink evening think 4B:anything something songbook 10、[ l ] 3A:black blouse blue close elephant English glass colour hello light long look plane please telephone yellow watermelon milk pencil school small table tall wall ruler 3B:baseball belt chocolate circle climbing eleven family football help like live love lunch o’clock stapler twelve violin volleyball 4A:balloon bottle cold classroom clean fly glove ill late let lion lovely shall umbrella 4B:ball blackboard bowl climb else hospital library old noodles policeman playground plate welcome 11、[ r ] 3A:brother brown from great red rubber ruler orange pretty sorry zebra fridge friend 3B:room bread crayon grandfather hungry radio rice right rowing run 4A:breakfast rabbit umbrella 4B:bright free fruit grape hurry ice-cream library 12、[ f ] 3A:coffee fat father fine fridge from off sofa 3B:family fifteen find fishing football four fourteen knife 4A:breakfast fan fifty fly for forty funny scarf 4B:farmer fork free friend office 13、[ v ] 3B:eleven have love seven seventeen vest violin volleyball 4A:evening glove over seventy 4B:move 14、[θ] 3A:thank thin bathroom think thirsty thirteen three 4A:thirty anything mouth something theatre 15、[ ð ] 3A:brother father mother the this that they 4B:their them then these those with 16、[ s ] 3A:basket bookcase bus dress glass guess school see sister skirt smart so sofa some sorry supermarket sweater this yes 3B:baseball basketball seven seventeen six sixteen skating skiing sock soft son sound stapler storybook swim 4A:class perhaps purse say scarf stand 4B:biscuit chopsticks hospital listen nurse sir snack something sometimes songbook spoon station student sweet 17、[ z ] 3A:blouse close his please zebra zoo 4A:excuse jeans puzzle music 18、[ ʃ ] 3A:shirt short shorts T-shirt she shoe shopping sure shall shop fish 19、[ ʒ ] usually 20、[ h ] who whose what white where why which 21、[ w ] 3A:walkman wall watermelon what window woman 3B:watch we would 4A:water word 4B:waiter waitress want with worker 22、[ j ] 3A:yellow yes you your yuan 23、[ tʃ] 3A:chair Chinese peach chocolate lunch sandwich watch kitchen 4A:teacher China chopsticks teacher picture question 24、[ dʒ] 3A:orange fridge jacket juice jog jeans job 25、[ ts ] 3A:cats coats hats jackets shirts belts skirts kites rabbits 26、[ dz ] 3A:birds beds cards 27、[ tr ] 3B:train trousers tree try 28、[ dr ] 3A:dress draw drink driver 29、[h] 3A:hamburger he hello her here his home how 3B:hat have help hot hungry 4A:happy hey hi hundred 4B:hair head hospital hurry 30、[k] 3A:cake can car cat close coat coffee cup 3B:camera cap carton clock come computer cook crayon 4A:card class clean colour copybook 4B:climb cupboard 31、不发音的字母 kn 组合k不发音,如 know knee knife mb 组合 b不发音,如 climb comb mn组合 n不发音,如 autumn wr组合 w不发音,如 write wrong 第三部分 读音规则 一、元音字母在重读开音节中的读音 1、什么叫开音节 1)以元音字母结尾的音节。 he,she,hi,no. 2)元音字母+e(不发音)结尾的音节。toe,pie. 3)一个元音字母+一个辅音字母(r除外)+e(不发音)结尾的音节。eg,cake,kite,note,cute,etc. 2、开音节的读音规则 元音字母在开音节中一般读其字母名称的音。如: [ ei ] cake name face grape plate table late make plane base grade race [ i:] he she these be we me [ ai ] kite five mine life fine line drive ride rice pie nice time [ əu]nose no those home smoke go hello hope ago toe stove so sofa [ju:] cute student use 3、但也有一些特殊的单词例外: 1)下列单词读音例外: have [ æ ] give [ i ] live[ i ] move[ u: ] do[ u: ] shoe[ u: ] who[ u: ] whose[ u: ] to[ u: ] 2)o后面是m,n,v,th时读作[ ʌ ] mother brother glove love one some son come 特例:most [ əu ] post [ əu ] cold[ əu ] both [ əu ] 3)u在辅音母l,r,j后面时读作[u:] June July ruler blue true[tru: ] truth 二、元音字母在重读闭音节中的读音 1、什么叫闭音节 以“一个元音字母+一个或几个辅音字母(r除外)结尾的音节叫闭音节。 bag dog bed sit but ect 2、闭音节的读音规则 元音字母在闭音节中读所规定的短元音。 a[æ] bag cat apple any hat cap black happy rabbit map at fan glad stand lamp plan bad carry carrot candle e[e] desk bed pen pencil left belt else egg better help get French dress chess rest red rectangle relative seven second telephone i[i] big sit in fish milk fridge think pick with win visit wish winter spring tin this twin picnic thin swim miss litter o[ɔ] hot dog box stop not shop long clock bottle coffee copy costume doll follow hobby holiday hospital job jog pot popular sock song sorry u[ʌ] sun bus but number plus public pumpkin run mum must puppet puzzle rubber subject study sunny Sunday umbrella uncle under summer 3、一些特例 1)a前面是辅音 w 时,读作[ɔ] What wash watch quality 质量 2)a在辅音,f,n,s前一般读作 [ a: ] grass class glass after answer afternoon ask 3)词尾是nd和ld时,i读作 [ ai ] find behind kind child 三、一些常见字母组合在重读音节中的读法 1、ai ,ay 读作[ ei ] waiter waitress train rain again wait day play pay way say today may 2、ar 读作[ a: ] car park party star farm farmer large hard far 特例: war [ ɔ:] warm[ ɔ:] quarter [ ɔ:] 3、ee读作[ i:] see eighteen three fifteen green nineteen seventeen free sweet tree need street sweep bee feel knee sleep week weekendkeep keeper 4、ea读作[ i:]or [ e ] [ i:] read eat sea ice-cream each easy seat [ e ] bread head breakfast sweater 5、ou读作[ au ] 或[ əu ] [au] blouse trousers house round ground around about sound mouth mouse loudly [ əu ] trouble touch country young 特例:group[gru:p] 6、oa 读作[ əu ] boat coat road 7、oo读作[ u: ]或 [ u ] [u:] school room afternoon moon broom food spoon choose cartoon balloon cool toothache [ u ] good book look foot 8、ow 读作[ əu ]或[ au ] [əu ] window know grow snow low follow tomorrow rowing [ au ] now how flower down towel town 9、or 读作[ɔ:]或 [ə:] [ɔ:]order [ə:] work worker world word 10、er、ir、ur读作[ə:] term her first third girl shirt turn purse purple nurse 11、al读作[ɔ:] wall ball talk call small all also almost false 12、ig、igh 读作[ ai ] sign high right light night 13、ind读作[ ai ] mind find kind behind 14、ear读作[ iə ]或[εə ] [ə:] [ iə ] dear year hear near tear 眼泪 fear 害怕 [εə ] bear pear [ə:] learn early 15、ere读作[ iə ]或[εə ] [ iə ] here [εə ] where there 四、一些辅音字母及辅音字母组合的读音 1、b读作[b],但当b在词尾,前面的字母有m时,则b不发音。 back club bag black climb comb 2、c在元音字母a,o,u前读[k],但在元音字母e,i(y)前读[s] [k] cap cold cat close car cute [s] nice city face 3、动词过去时态加词尾~ed的读音 ~ed前是清辅音([t]除外)读[t]:worked washed picked milked cooked danced watched ~ed前是浊辅音([d]除外)或元音,读[d] watered played closed turned listened cleaned ~ed前是[t]和[d]音时,读[id] started tasted collected needed 4、qu读作 [ kw ] quiet quick quickly quarter question 5、wh读[ w ],但wh后是元音o时,常读[ h ] [w] why what where which when white [h] who whose 6、th读[θ]和[ ð ] [θ] thank three think thing earth third [ð]this that these those they them the with father mother brother 7、ch,tch读[ tʃ] much catch teacher chat chess watch chair match 特例:school[sku:l] 8、ng在词尾读[ ŋ ],在词中间读[ ŋg ],nk读[ ŋ k] [ ŋ ] sing bring thing long spring strong morning interesting [ŋg] English finger longer [ŋk] thank think 9、tr读作[ tr ] tree try train triangle trick trousers traffic true 10、dr读作[ dr ] dress drive driver drink draw dragonfly 11、ck读作[ k ] black neck back 12、kn读作[ n ] know knee knife 13、wr读作[ r ] write wrong 14、sh读作[ʃ] fish shoes wish shirt sheep shape ship shall short should shoulder show